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Y’all Dance With Me

Come on now. Don’t be shy. Everybody get up where they are and get your groove on.

Have You Heard The News?

There’s good rockin’  tonight and Your Sista is unemployed no mo’.

I’ve got to get that TiVO so I can keep up with my boy, Regis and my girls on the View. 

Going to do the Happy-I-Got-A-Job dance.

Oscar Thoughts

When Al Gore won his award last night, they put the camera on different ones and I swear, the look on their faces…it was if Jesus Himself was descending the stage.  I thought Melissa Etheridge and her girlfriend was gonna engage in marital relations right there in the Kodak Theater!  Good grief.  The little bit about the music playing was funny.  Too bad he missed his cue.

I thought for sure Eddie Murphy was going to win Best Supporting Actor, but, I was happy that Alan Arkin won.  He was fantastic in that role and he’s been around a long time.  It would’ve been perfect had Peter O’Toole won.

I wish I knew somebody named “Martin” so I could call them “Maw-tee.”   I figured Martin Scorcese would win when Coppola, Lucas and Spielberg came out to present the award.   That was very cool.

Nicole Kidman looks like a very tall, skinny, red headed Asian.

Jennifer Hudson near ’bout came out of that dress during her song.  Now that she’s an Oscar winner, she needs some serious hair help.  I wish she’d have told Simon to kiss her bottom. 

Who was the rather homely guy that was on between commercials, interviewing people?  He was about as exciting and charismatic as a turd in a punchbowl.  They should’ve had Tom Bergeron or somebody like that do that gig.

On the pre-show, there Lisa Ling got the gig interviewing people on the red carpet, had on a gorgeous dress and pretty much pulled her hair back in a ponytail.  I don’t understand that.  To have great hair like that, a cool job like interviewing nominees on the red carpet and saying “I think I’ll just throw my hair up in a ponytail.”  Somebody explain that to me.

Call me crazy, but, I loved the acrobats behind the screen doing the shadow thing.  I thought that was interesting and something different.

Ellen DeGeneres was very good hosting, I thought.  I kinda wondered if Jerry Seinfeld’s purpose for presenting an award was a tryout for next year, incase Ellen doesn’t want to do it again. 

I can’t help but wonder why the Oscars don’t do like the Grammy’s and present all the boring stuff before and do the big ones on the air and make it an hour show? Gosh, that sucker was long.