I couldn’t find my Social Security card and I needed it for this new job thing I have.  I spent over an hour in the Social Security office with my number 28 in hand.  Something like that, in theory, shouldn’t take very long to get taken care of.  I think most of the 75 people waiting with me were there for the same thing, yet, it took forever. There was even one guy who came in there who had to have been my age and had never had a Social Security number.  How in the world can one get to be as elderly as me and never have a Social Security number?

Turns out, I didn’t need the SS card anyway.  I had a copy of my birth certificate.  Now, I have to wait for all my paperwork to process and some other stuff.  It could be two weeks or two months before I start the new gig.

The coolest thing said to me today…when I was at my new workplace, the lady who hired me said she got a call from Hutch yesterday who informed her she had made a good choice in hiring his Sista.  She said “If John Hutcheson says I’ve made a good choice, I know I’ve made a good choice.”

Whoda thunk that Hutchmo was so influential in the Gret Stet of Tennessee?