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Advice To The Lovelorn

This made me laugh.

The Drama Queen was talking about how her best friend’s boyfriend has been asking for advice.  A week or so back, “Jordan” was all in tither because he thought “Brittany” hated him.   The DQ had to calm him down and everything ended up ok.  (Whew)  That somebody is asking my daughter for love advice made me laugh.

Then, she just tells me that Jordan had again asked for Brittany advice.  Brittany told the DQ to tell him that he should “say sweeter things” to her.  Jordan was like “What am I supposed to say?  I’m dumb.”  Sweeter things.  Heh.  For some reason, picturing a 13 year old boy trying to think of sweet things to say and then the 13 year old girl wanting said 13 year old boy to say sweeter things. 

I’m glad I’m not 13 anymore.

Huckleberry Friends

I’m obsessed with this song of late. Amazing that the studio did not want this song in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, but, director Blake Edwards fought for it. Shows what the studio knew cause it won Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer an Oscar. Take that, Robert Evans and Paramount.  I’m so glad we have guys in suits sitting in big office buildings, who know squat about music deciding what the public will and will not hear.  We’re so blessed.