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A Not So Horrible Day

In spite of the yucky weather today, it’s not been such a bad day.  Aren’t  you glad I’m going to post something positive?

I started off the day by having coffee with my friend, Hope, who I have not had the opportunity to sit down and visit with in ages and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Note to self: Make appointment to have coffee, not only with Hope, but, other friends as well, more often. 

On the way home from Starbucks (listen at me, sounding all cool and stuff), I passed an annual consignment sale at a church near my house.  Normally, I’m working the day this sale begins and by the time I’m able to get to it, usually on Saturday, all that’s left is nasty looking stuff with stains on it.  I got #2 two pairs of blue jeans (one pair Levis and the other I can’t remember) for about $2 apiece and both pairs looked like new; I got him a Sunday-Go-To-Meetin’ frock that I bet was worn once.  It was a 3 piece thing and I paid $12 for it; I found him a pair of sandals (he loves sandals) a pair of khaki shorts that looked like new; a set of flash cards to help him with his multiplication tables for a buck, and a Toy Story 2 dvd.  That’s one of his favorite movies ever. 

Even funner than that, I got Niece Smiff (who will be 2 in May) some adorable little dresses that were between $2 -$5 apiece.  One had never been worn and still had the tag on it.  Hee.  I’m not a shopper and you will never see me with a button that says “Born To Shop”, cause I was not, but, it is fun to get a bargain.

They let school out way early-The Drama Queen was home by about 12:30, Manchild was home by about 1:00 and I went and picked up #2 before the usual, panic-jam that follows any unusual letting out of school early.  I swear, our elementary school needs some serious traffic help.  I don’t think any kids ride the bus and wonder why they even have them in the first place.  Even though it ended up that the weather didn’t get bad here, after the fiasco of last year’s tornado, I think they made a wise decision.  Example…Enterprise High School. 

I also don’t think any of the mothers at our elementary school work outside the home.  The Muffia was out in full force today at early pick up.   You could tell some of those women were about to wet their pants cause it meant they could go to the school and socialize!  Whee!  Some of them have already busted out their capris and cutesy tootsie flip flops.  They just looked so dang perfect in their capri sweat pants with their jackets tied around their waists and their hair neatly up.  Too cute for words.

I took the boys for guitar lessons and noticed as I was pulling out of the driveway I had a voicemail message, but, figured I’d listen to it when I got all comfortable on the couch at the music place.  Guess who the message was from?  “Hi this is Hendersonville Music Academy.  Just letting you know that because of the weather, we’re calling off all lessons tonight.”  I had just gotten all comfy on the couch, too. 

The Drama Queen shared something with me that I’m tickled she shared with me and gave me another reminder that my baby girl is not a baby anymore.  Given her usual smart ass attitude towards me, her sharing with me was an affirmation that even though she acts like she thinks I’m the stupidest person that ever had highlights, she knows she can always  come to her mom.  I never felt like that about my mother so yay and thank you God. 

It’s Thursday so that means it’s Earl night and Office night.  I’m betting Grey’s Anatomy will be a rerun tonight.  I don’t know if that’s a fact, but, given the last few weeks intensity, I figured they might have to take a week off.

I’ve lost a few pounds this week.

Cousin April has a cool article published.  Go here and read it.

Pray For Our Friends To The South

If I was down in Alabama right now, I’d be wetting my britches.  Go here and watch what alls going on down there. 

I think Slarti’s right and it’s not going to be like that here.  The air feels different today than it did on April 7, 2007.  That day, there was a real charge in the air.  The air was thick, thick and it was just different.

Rock’n Roll

All the weather people have us all jittery, they’re letting school out a couple hours early here in Sumner County, but, the thing is, and I know this may not mean a hill of beans, but, last year when the tornado hit….there was a charge in the air.  It was way warmer than it is today and it doesn’t feel quite as unsetttled as it did on April 7.  I hope that we’ll just have some storms.  I hate this crap.

Here We Go

With the weather being what it is today, I’m thinking it might be a good idea to get the kids out of school early and drive east to see Gastrica and her family.  I don’t have a basement and I’m seriously thinking of getting the kids out of school early since the time they’re saying this mess is going to hit is right about the time I go pick up #2.  On top of that, just as he was last April 7 when that lovely tornado hit our county, Mr. Smiff will be leaving on a jet plane to frickin’ Arizona.

Anybody got a basement or a strong building I can come to?  Very few things really cause me fear but situations like they’re calling for today is one thing (that and mice) that scare the ever lovin’ tee tee outta me.