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Wayfaring Stranger

This is a fun clip in a few ways-You have one of Mr. Smiff’s most favorite vocal combinations ever with the Stamps Quartet circa 1965-’66 with Donnie Sumner, Jim Hill and Jimmy Blackwood, with a very young Mylon Lefevere on bass and do check out that piano player, who appears to be about 10…know who it is? Tony Brown.

J. D. Sumner was the equivalent of a human foghorn. He was a freak of nature. No wonder Elvis loved them.

Any clip with Buck Owens is great, even if he is just introducing.

The Glow of Pregnancy?

In honor of Lindsay, Mrs. Sarcastro, Heather Orne and any other woman who is in the third trimester, can’t get comfortable, isn’t sleeping well, has swollen ankles, having hot flashes,  and is generally miserable, I feel your pain.  bun_in_the_oven.jpg

That is #2 in there, feeling like he was hanging at knee level.  Scarier is I still had a little over a month left of cooking time, but you can see my misery in my eyes. Yes, that’s an ugly maternity top.  No, I was not cute like Lindsay, Heather and Mrs. Sarcastro.  Yes, that was my natural hair color.  I was one hawt mama.  This picture makes my groin hurt and my stomach itch. Check out the swollen ankle.   Loooovely.