I’m always running across people who know people I know.  It’s almost comical how often I run into people and then ultimately find out we have a connection.  Just like I did a couple weeks ago with Matt (whose mother taught my beloved first cousins in First Grade in Louisiana), I have yet another freaky connection with somebody that I have known for a long time and we just figured it out yesterday.

I’ve known Lisa now for about, oh gosh, five years or so.  We’ve taught children at church together and participated in other things together.  I can’t say she and I are tight, close friends, but, I like her a lot.  She’s one of those sharp, very together young women that I wish I could be more like. 

 I thought Lisa and I had already established our couple degrees sometime ago:  Her husband and I went to the same church many, many years ago, when he was just a little tyke and his mother worked in the office at my elementary school.  His mother ended up being the Drama Queen’s English teacher last year.  We thought that was pretty wild being her in laws and I lived in Williamson County at that time and here we are, out in Sumner County many years later.  It gets better than that.

Lisa’s father had a very serious stroke a month or so ago.  I’ve been getting email updates on his condition and he is, amazingly, doing very well, considering the severity of his stroke.  I’ve followed his progress through Lisa’s emails and my heart just broke for her in those early days after her dad’s stroke.  Because I don’t have my father anymore, I’m pretty sensitive to those whose parents are in bad shape and I just really felt for her, reading her emails and could sense the fear of losing her dad and it was so obvious to me that she absolutely adores him.  I’m really glad he’s doing better and totally rejoice with her.

So, yesterday, my Sunday School teacher, Debbie, (who is so smart and such a gifted teacher) was telling about how she had gone this last week and read to Lisa’s dad, who is still recovering.  She happened to mention his name and I did a double take….like a Looney Tunes double take.  Say what?

Turns out all this time, Lisa and I never had put the connection together that her dad, Skeeter, and my dad were longtime friends and both radio men.  I had heard Dad speak of Skeeter as long as I could remember.  Lisa had remembered her dad speaking of mine forever too, but, somehow, just never put it together.  I told Lisa that makes us practically related.  I tell ya what, Lisa and I are bonded even more now.  Pretty cool.