The Manchild texted me this afternoon letting me know he was sick.  I have to admit I kinda dug the fact that even though he’s 6’1 and weighs 210, when he’s sick, he wants to be in touch with his mom. 

My firstborn wanting me to know he wasn’t feeling good wasn’t the oddity.  The oddity was going to check on him a bit ago while he’s asleep and feeling him for fever and feeling major razor stubble on his face.  I don’t remember the last time I touched his face (that’s not a cool thing to do, y’see).  Apparently, it’s been awhile cause I haven’t felt him for fever and gotten a handful of stubble.  He never gets sick and if he does, he has to feel really bad in order for him to even mention it in passing.  He is the Manchild, afterall.