To go along with million other things in this house that do not work, I made the brilliant move and broke my dryer.  Not on purpose, mind you.  It was an accident.  Of all things in this house I would purposely mess up, believe me, that ain’t one of them. 

I was standing on my tip toes to reach the dryer start switch (cause everything in this house requires a bit of improvising to operate due to the fact that we have to improvise a lot around here) and I lost my footing and sorta fell into it, snapping the spring on the switch to where it wouldn’t turn or nothing.  In fact, the darling little spring fell inside the machine.  Joy!  That was truly a daymaker and caused me to sing and shout praises to the Lord.

What I’ve been doing is washing stuff here and I’ve taken some stuff to the laundromat to dry and I took some stuff to Mother In Law Smiff’s house to dry. 

One thing about the laundromat and doing laundry elsewhere that I forgot I liked about it…it all gets folded and (mostly) put away at the same time.  I’ve known people who had no desire to own their own washer and dryer for that very reason.  My next door neighbor (in Brentwood!) was like that.  She didn’t want to be a slave to the laundry, so she went every Tuesday after work and did their laundry.  You could set your clock by it.  Of course, she had just one kid and was (and I’m sure still is) a highly orgnaized, programmed person. 

My friend Traci, who is also highly organized and perhaps even more programmed (she is in charge of programming at CMT) than the aforementioned person, used to be like that, too.  She hated to do laundry and only had to do it very rarely because she had so many clothes, but, back in those days, she refused to get her own washer and dryer.  I think she’s over that now.

Back in the early days that I was Mrs. Smiff, before we had a washer and dryer, I had to take everything to the laundromat.  Of course, back then, it was just me and Mr. Smiff and we had a LOT less laundry than we do now. As crazy as it sounds, I look back at that time and remember it as being a lot of fun.  I remember the laundromat we went to had this contraption that you could put stuff in and it would wring stuff out and we would put the towels and blue jeans in there, actually thinking it saved us money cause it cut down on dryer time. 

I think the last time I was totally caught up on laundry was probably around 1992.  I doubt I will ever have it all done at once until all the Smiff kids leave the nest.  I bet when that time comes, I will miss not having piles of laundry around.