Speaking of the Manchild…the other day, I asked him what his very first memory of life is. (He is 15 for those just joining)  I can’t remember why or how this came up.  Gastrica, the Bariatric Baroness, and my real life Sista, will be surprised and love this.

He said his first memory is being in his bed at our old house we lived in until he was about 4 years old.  He was in his bed and he remembers Gastrica coming up the stairs and peeking around the corner at him.  This would’ve had to have been either the day the Drama Queen was born or a few months later, when I had surgery and both times she was keeping the little bitty, less than two year old Manchild.  Interesting isn’t it?  Actually, it was the day I had surgery in November of 1993, now I think about it.

My first memory of life….I have such a freakish memory and remember stuff way back, but, the first memory I remember in life is also being in my baby bed.  I had this little birdcage hanging near my bed that you wound up and it played “What the World Needs Now Is Love” and had two little canaries on a see saw, going up and down in time with the music.  Everytime I hear that song, I feel like I’m in a babybed. 

What is your first memory of life?