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A Happy Sista is a Good Sista

Your Sista is so happy this evening.  Yes, I’m happy for the Ornes and the safe arrival of their baby girl and I’m assuming Sarcastro Jr. has landed on planet Earth today, but, I haven’t heard the scoop on him. 

Babies, schmabies, yeah, yeah, that’s great, but, what I’m really happy about is my garage.  Yes, I said my garage.  Let me tell you a little about my garage.  My garage has been a depository of crapola for ten years.  We’ve just kept throwing crap out there, I guess, thinking maybe it would magically recycle itself into a finished room if we just closed our eyes really tight and wished it away.  I even tried praying about it, but, the Good Lawd didn’t move my crap nowhere.  It grew and grew. 

The Smiff Garage had gotten to the point that there was really no sense in trying to walk in there because injury was likely.  The last time I made an attempt to clean the garage out was a few years ago and I stopped when I stepped on a piece of glass.  That cured me of wanting to try to clean the garage out for awhile.  It was big and scary and mean.

We were forced to make a path because I was able to find a fantastic dryer on Craigslist this week.  Yeah buddy, I found an Amana dryer owned by a rich, old couple in Hendersonville that lives out by the lake.  They were reluctant to let the thing go.  They loved ’em some dryer.  Apparently, the lady had always wanted a matching washer/dryer set.  Mr. Smiff went to get the thing yesterday and he said that it almost seemed like the Rich Ol Couple didn’t want to put it inside his vehicle cause they were afraid it’d get scratched.  There’s always that fear that the “Nice Old Couple” could turn out like Ellen Corby on the Andy Griffith Show when she took Barney for a ride, selling him a lemon, but, thus far, this dryer is fantastic and I’m quite happy with myself for finding it.

But, back to the garage….we knew we’d have to make a path to get the dryer in there so we were forced to start cleaning out our Junk Room.  I’ll have to take a picture in the morning before the trash people come get the trash so y’all can see what all I have purged.  Those trash men are gonna be cussing them some Smiffs tomorrow morning.  They hate us anyway.  Heh.

Weird thing about having all this crap out by the curb…I was out there going through stuff  this afternoon and dang if a car didn’t stop and Paw Paw got out and was going through my crap!  I mean, if he found something in there that was a treasure, go fer it, but, there is something weird about somebody going through your trash…in front of you.  It was weird.  My luck, I probably threw some crap away that was worth millions….like some rare piece of art or something.  If I see Paw Paw on tv telling of a fantastic find he found out junkin’ in Hendersonville, I’m gonna hunt him down.

Another unexpected thing of cleaning crap out, it was oddly a bonding thing with me and Mr. Smiff.  I threw away our first vacumn cleaner that was given to us at our wedding shower before we married (the first time….no showers for the remarriage. Har har.)  One of us would find some pictures of the kids when they were little bitty and we’d have a moment and remember this or that…Mr. Smiff was nearly in tears when he found an old coat of the Drama Queen’s that she wore when she was 3-4 years old.  He was saying how he could just see her in that coat.  Ol’ Smiffy can get nostalgic when he wants to.  I found my dad’s business cards, my albums, tons of toys that the kids had when they were little….size 10 clothes that the Manchild used to wear….it was almost ….FUN.   (Shhhh…don’t tell).

We have a long way to go before it’s all cleaned out, but, we’ve made a good start.  And your Sista feels really good about it.  And by the way, we’re looking for some bedroom dressers and a futon frame.  I’ll have to get back on the Craigslist and see what else I can find.


Wacky Wednesday-Get Down and Get With It

THIS is rock ‘n roll, folks.

How did I miss the fact that Shaun Cassidy had quite the overbite? I guess cause in those days there were no music videos and the only time we got to see our teen idols on tv was on their tv shows once a week or the occasional American Bandstand appearance. Shaun did not have a bad voice.  It has to be noted that he was not lip synching here and he sounded pretty good so he did have some vocal talent.  I feel kinda bad for him now that he has to endure the humiliation of people like me putting stuff like this on their blogs. He had some serious hair happening. Ah, but, that’s what made all us little girls want to marry him.

Best Title I’ve Heard Today

How’s this for a title? “Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People.”  An example of the fine literature being absorbed by the likes of my #2.  The Manchild liked those books when he was that age, too.  I think it’s a fabulous title and I wish I’d have come up with it.