It is Consignment Sale Day in Hendersonville.  By 10 a.m. this morning, I had already been to THREE consignment sales.  Until last week, I had not been to a consignment sale in years.  The Muffia contingent is high at those things, but, after just stopping off for fun last week at another sale, I knew there were several going on today.  Two Methodist churches and one really contemporary, progressive Southern Baptist Church in Hendersonville were holding sales today and baby, I hit the jackpot.  The way these things work (for those not in the know) you take your kids clothes, washed, hung on hangers (facing the right!) and the person selling them prices them.  They get part of the proceeds and then the organization holding the sale gets part of it.  You can get some fantastic deals on good clothes at these things.  I got the Niece some Children’s Place, Carter’s and other name brand stuff for pretty cheap. 

The first Methodist one I went to, I found a ton of stuff for #2 and have him pretty much outfitted for the spring and summer.  At the progressive SBC and the First United Methodist, Niece Smiff will be one of the best dressed chilluns around.  I miss having a little girl to dress, so I’ve had fun getting for the niece, although I’m starting to feel like one of those shopping addicts and its disturbing.

The thing about these consignment sales that is disturbing to me is how some of the people who put their stuff in these things, it’s obvious they are hoping to make some money back on their kids’ clothes.  Usually, on the Saturday of the sale, they’ll discount everything 50% off or something. At the FUMC sale, (which is HUGE and very well put together) on the tag they have if the seller wants their stuff discounted or donated when the thing is done, if it hasn’t sold. 

 I was shocked at the number of greedy bee-yatches who didn’t want their stuff discounted or donated.  WTF?  What are they going to do with it when the sale is done? It irritated me.  The thing is, the some of the stuff they wouldn’t let them donate or discount was from Target and Wal Mart.  I can understand if you have an expensive, smocked frock from one of those fancy schmancy kid stores, but, something from Kohls that is obviously worn?  I put some stuff in a consignment sale once, years ago, when I only had two kids.  I didn’t want that stuff coming back to my house.  The idea was to get rid of it, not get rich off of it.

Some consignment observations….The people at the progressive Southern Baptist Church dress their kids fancier than the Methodists do.  I had to step over about 80,000 strollers at the FUMC with screaming younguns.  The workers at the Good Shepherd UMC were nicer than the the Muffia at the FUMC.  I don’t even think I was thanked when I checked out.  

We don’t do sales like this at regular SBC’s.  At least not in any SBC churches I’ve been part of.  They don’t have bake sales or nothing like that because of how mad Jesus got when people set up shop at the temple and He got mad.  I hope He doesn’t mind that I went to His other homes and got some good deals.

**Disclaimer about the good natured ribbing at my Methodist Sisteren….both of my parents were raised Methodist, as was my mother in law…most of my close kin are Methodists and my great grandfather was a Methodist, circuit riding, preacher.  I love the Methodists and have always been at home in a Methodist church.