My boy, Regis, is out for a bit because he is going to join the Zipper Club.  I love Regis.  I think he’s one of the funniest people on tv and he’s an important link to showbiz of yesterday.   Anderson Cooper is guest hosting this morning with Kelly and they were talking about the lottery and they both mentioned that they don’t play it.  “Why?” they asked each other.  Hello?  They’re already bazillionaires.  Bazillionaires shouldn’t be allowed to play the lottery.  Kelly Ripa doesn’t need any more money and God only knows Anderson Cooper doesn’t, being he’s Gloria Vanderbilt’s kid.  How unfair and wrong would it be if one of those two won the Powerball?  Completely. 

They are re-running the Craig Ferguson show that Mr. Smiff was on tonight on CBS. 

I was telling one of the kids last week that I had never seen a dog get hit by a car.  I had the brief thought that I shouldn’t have said that because it would probably happen and I was correct.  I had just pulled onto Robertson Rd. from Briley Parkway Friday night, just in time to hear the hysterical yelp of a dog and looked in my rearview mirror just in time to see the dog spinning around and around.  None of the kids saw it because they were immersed in their Ipods.  It was sad, but, it didn’t depress me like it did the time Mr. Smiff hit a deer on the bypass and I thought we were going to have to have him committed cause he was so depressed about it.  I didn’t stop for this dog because there were other people around and I don’t have the money to spend God knows what on a dog that if it survived, would probably have to be put to sleep.  It was quite a hit.

How’s the Nutri System going, you ask?  This last week, I’m having a time with it.  I do ok during the day, but, come nighttime, I’m struggling.  Maybe it’s cause I’m tired of eating the food?  I know I’m sick of salads.  Giving up food has been harder than giving up smoking.  No doubt. 

I still don’t have a job start date.  I’m starting to think they were just teasing.

The traffic situation at #2’s school is ridiculous.  Part of the problem, I think, is they have 4th graders standing out front opening the car doors as if they are helping.  To the school administrators at Jack Anderson Elementary School…IT DOESN’T HELP.  IT MAKES TRAFFIC WORSE.  Half the time the “helpers” aren’t even doing their jobs.  The boys are usually messing with each other and the girls are often doing cartwheels.  It’s a mess down there.  Then, in the afternoon at pickup, the cars go all the way around the school, but, there’s a segment of the Mother Population that feels as though they are too important to sit in line, so they park in front of the school and walk up to get their little cherubs, hop back into their Lexus SUV’s and speed out in front of the likes of me.  I had a Muffia Mother in a brand new, white Suburban try to get out in front of me the other day and I was like “No way, beee-atch.  Just cause you have a brand new vehicle and just got your hair done does not mean  you can cut me off!” 

I got some Community Coffee yesterday and I forgot how good it is.  It’s a legend in my ancestral state, Louisiana.  Last time I was in Louisiana, I bought a whole bunch of it because at that time you couldn’t get it here.  I’m not crazy about Starbucks coffee, but, I do like Community and Chik Fil-A has THE best coffee. 

We had nice little attempted murder/suicide out here in Hendersonville last night.  Just across the bypass from us, some guy shot his wife/girlfriend and then killed himself in the backyard.  Isn’t that nice?