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A Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Goldblum

I was watching Jeff Goldblum’s new show, Raines, I believe it’s called.  I LOVE me some Jeff Goldblum.  That is one sexy, Hebrew man, right there.  I even thought he was hot in The Big Chill when he played the People magazine guy and heck, I thought he was hot as the Tricycle Man in Nashville.  I have a thing for tall fellers.  And goatees.

Anyway, there was another guy in this show, who was a minor character and I am almost positive it was a grown up Adam Rich…you know, the guy who played Nicholas on Eight Is Enough.  I didn’t see the very opening credits nor the closing credits and IMDB didn’t say who played Marco.  I really think it was Nicholas.   The guy who plays Thatcher Grey was on this show, too.  Glad to see that guy’s working steadily.  I

‘m becoming such a current tv geek, it’s kinda scary.  I still can’t get into Lost though.  Will I ever be as cool as the rest of you?

If You Only Knew What I’m Going Through

Attention Rex L. Camino

Where in the world is Rex L. Camino?He has disappeared and my heart is breaking. Rex, if you don’t come back soon, I’m sending this guy to the Boro to serenade you until you post something. You’re killing us.   I have just gotten to the point that I’ve come to terms with the fact that the Knucklehead is too busy beating meat to blog.  At least he checks in now and then.

Come On Down

bob-barker.jpgWhen Mr. Smiff and them did the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson about a month ago, he returned from Television City bearing souvenirs for us.  One of the things he brought back was a cool tshirt that has The Price is Right logo on it.  It’s really pretty neat and it’s one of my favorite tshirts.

It never fails, that everytime I wear said shirt out in public, somebody always asks me “Were you on the Price is Right?”  Then, I have to tell the same story over and over.  Today, I got a better story back when I said “No, I wasn’t on it.” 

I was at Kroger and this young girl was checking me out and she asked the same question “Were you on?”  Blah blah blah, no….then she tells me her boyfriend was on.  (Oh goodie, I don’t have to tell the boring “My husband was on the Craig Ferguson things.”)  She said his show aired in February and he won a Cadillac, a poker table and a year’s supply of Gold Bond Medicated stuff.  They sold the cadillac and were trying to sell the poker table.  What does a young guy do with a year’s supply of Gold Bond?

I know somebody that was on the PIR. Do you know anybody that’s ever been on?  I can’t imagine that show staying on after Bob “Spay Your Pet” Barker retires in a couple months.  Who else could hold the skinny microphone like Bob does?  It’s bad enough that whoever is doing the “Come on Down” honors is disturbing to hear, much like it was to hear Kermit the Frog or Ernie after Jim Henson died.  We got used to Rod Roddy, who replaced Johnny Olson when he died, but, man…the Come on Downs just aren’t the same.  I’m guessing the show will stop when Bob quits.