I was watching Jeff Goldblum’s new show, Raines, I believe it’s called.  I LOVE me some Jeff Goldblum.  That is one sexy, Hebrew man, right there.  I even thought he was hot in The Big Chill when he played the People magazine guy and heck, I thought he was hot as the Tricycle Man in Nashville.  I have a thing for tall fellers.  And goatees.

Anyway, there was another guy in this show, who was a minor character and I am almost positive it was a grown up Adam Rich…you know, the guy who played Nicholas on Eight Is Enough.  I didn’t see the very opening credits nor the closing credits and IMDB didn’t say who played Marco.  I really think it was Nicholas.   The guy who plays Thatcher Grey was on this show, too.  Glad to see that guy’s working steadily.  I

‘m becoming such a current tv geek, it’s kinda scary.  I still can’t get into Lost though.  Will I ever be as cool as the rest of you?