It was a weekend whirlygig with family galore,  I tell ya what.  We got a lot of viztin’ in during Mr. Smiff’s one weekend off since Christmas (and probably the last one til this December!).  It was kinda funny because we went to two different death related things. 

Because I am the Queen Obituary Reader of Sumner County, I was reading the obituaries the other day and saw that the very woman who I learned the joys of obituary reading  from, Dorothy, who was my next door neighbor when I was a kid…no, she didn’t die, but, her stepmother did.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go out to Franklin and see her (I haven’t seen her in several years) and go to Cool Springs.  Yay.  Dead folks and shopping all in one swoop.  So we did that and made it to Cool Springs just in time so the Drama Queen and I got a great deal on some really cool sunglasses at Wet Seal (2 for $10!) and then the four of us (The Manchild opted out of the funeral home trip to Historic Franklin) ate at Macaroni Grill, with the Drama Queen complaining the whole way.  She was still stewing over getting Detention.  It was a blessing.

Then, Saturday, we had to get up early and go to McKendree Village for the interment ceremony and memorial service of Cousin WC.   I’d never been to a service where the ashes were present in an urn before and I’m standing there looking around and there it sat on this little table in a pretty urn and I thought “Well, there’s WC!”  They interred his ashes in the cornerstone of this building out at McKendree that bears his name and it was really very nice.  It was great to see the extended kin folks and it never fails, at these extended family things, I always meet up with a relative I’ve never met before, but, then meet them and it’s like I’ve known them forever. 

My Collie cousins are just as retarded and silly as I am.  Cousins Bill and Joe Brock made me laugh when they said to me “Hey…you reckon this is where we’ll end up someday and do you think we can get some sort of family discount?”  I think we would all be lucky to end up at a place like that.  It is a great facility for the older folks.  I certainly hope if I’m still around when I’m in my 80’s, that I’ll have the money, or my kids will be very wealthy and can stick me there.

Then Sunday, from the other side of the family, Mother In Law Smiff’s brother, Henry and his wife Amy, along with their grandaughter Emily, came to visit from North Carolina.  We always have such a great time with that side of the family.  We hung out with them all day Sunday and then yesterday afternoon.  Good times.

I only have two more weeks of my Stay At Home Mom vacation cause I have to rejoin the grind April 2.