oprah-and-gayle.jpgI’ve been watching the reruns this week of Oprah and Gayle’s Roadtrip…where they drove last summer from Los Angeles to New York.  It’s really pretty neat.  Makes me want to pack up the ol’ Chevrolet and grab a pal and see the USA in a Chevrolet, until I remember that she’s Oprah and has a crew of something like 20 traveling with her and she can stop on the way at, say, Graceland, and get a personal tour from Lisa Marie.  It becomes a little less romantic then.  It is kinda funny seeing Oprah pump gas for the first time in over 20 years.  Can you imagine??

The thought kept ocurring to me when watching this for a second time that Gayle is a celebrity solely for the fact that she’s Oprah’s best friend.  She is on Oprah’s payroll, runs the magazine or something…has regular guest spots on national tv and probably on the XM channel, just cause she’s Oprah’s best friend.  Granted, she looks good on tv and comes across well and all that.  I guess if she were butt-ugly and had a bad stutter, we wouldn’t see Gayle like we do. 

Yet another deep thought by Sista.