Hazel came through her procedure totally by the book.  She was home by a little after 11 and so far has had no problems or complications.  It was one of those female sorts of procedures.  When she was in the recovery room, the nurse handed me the instruction sheet that tells what to watch for and all do’s and don’ts post-surgery. 

I got to looking at the sheet and I told my nephew, who is almost 23 and had chauffuered his grandmother to the hospital and back that per doctors orders that Hazel was NOT allowed to have sex or consume alcohol and that we’d have to keep an eye on her the next few days.  We’d have to shoo all those young guys who show up at her door away until she’s healed up.

Something else hysterical happened in the recovery room and I better not tell it until I ask her permission.  I will tell you this…it involved preachers and body parts and it was FUNNY. Use your imagination.