This may come as a shock to some, but, the woman that does the voice on the Self Checkout computer at Kroger is also the voice of the Self Checkout at Publix.  I wonder if the Kroger people are aware of this?

It’s a different voice on the Wal Mart Self Check Out.  I like that one better anyway cause the Kroger one is so damn picky.  The Kroger  one is so contrary about how and when you put your item in the bag.  Wal Mart doesn’t care if you bag it or not.  Like, if you have a pack of gum, it doesn’t weigh hardly anything and the computer at Kroger doesn’t pick up when you put it in the bag, then it says “Wait for the attendant.”  Psssht.  I don’t have time for that.  If I’d have wanted to take lots of extra time, I’d have gone through the regular line and listened to the teen cashiers converse with the teen bag boys.  Gah.