The Drama Queen accompanied her dad to the Tuesday Night Opry last night.  She digs the backstage thing immensely.  Don’t tell her this, but, I was about her age when I started getting into going to the Opry.  Gosh, the reason she exists is because I hung out backstage at the Opry so much. 

I got a text message from her that said:

“Ewww…Jimmy Dickens just kissed my hand.” 

That made me laugh.  The DQ, like her mother, is not a touchy-feely kinda girl, as you can see from this picture of them a couple years ago. She was about the same height as the Tater back then.  She’s my height now so I guess she towers over him. (Shut up, Mr. Smiff, I am not that short.)the_dickens_you_say_.jpg