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Bob Clark

I hated, hated, hated to hear that director Bob Clark and his 22 year old son were killed by a drunk driver yesterday.  He directed stuff like Porky’s (a Mr. Smiff favorite.  Shocker) and some forgettable things,but, what I love him for is A Christmas Story.

I got the dvd this past Christmas, replacing the VHS tape, and Bob is on the commentary with Peter Billingsley and it is absolutely wonderful hearing him tell about each scene. 

We can forgive Bob Clark for thinking it would be a good idea to cast Sylvester Stallone as a country singer in Rhinestone completely.  He got everything right in A Christmas Story.

Simmah Down

How many times will we hear “I can’t believe how cold it is!”  today?  I heard it a few times in the Wal Mart last night.  Hello? It does this just about every spring.  We get a bunch of warm days and long about Easter there’s a cold snap.  Why is everybody so surprised?  Even Jeff Ray himself said the average last frost is about April 8. We’re right on shedyool. 

Put your jackets on and hush, people.  It’s not like we’re going to be in perpetual blizzard mode til August. Warmth will return.  It’ll be OK.