I didn’t even make it through Earl  last night.  I crashed.  I forgot that’s how I do on Friday’s when I work.  Although last night was not Friday, being we’re off today, it was like it was.  I was wo’ out. I did see 30 Rock  for the first time, at the suggestion of my new co-worker, Dave.  Funny stuff.  I must get that dvr.

 I went to sleep with Mr. Smiff reading #2’s fiddle book.  #2 is taking fiddle lessons.  Isn’t that cute?  I think he’s going to be a Mark O’Connor-like prodigy with it.  He actually practiced.  The three months he took guitar, he never once practiced.  Except when the guitar teacher printed out the words and chords for Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown.  Even then, he just pretended to play, but, lordy, he loves to sing that song.  I think he likes it because he wants really bad to say “baddest man in the whole “damn” town”, but, knows he shouldn’t, so, he substitutes “dang” or “gay”. 

Maybe it’s cause I was so tired, I dreamt weird things.  I dreamed that this friend of mine, Phil, had gotten really, really thin and humped over.  I was afraid something horrible was wrong with him.  I was at church and Phil was taking up the offering and I said to him as he came by my aisle, “You are so thin” and I reached up to pat him on the back and he was so thin, his shirt came off.  During the offering!

Then, I dreamt that the sickly looking Phil and his wife, Brenda were singing in a quartet at church and Wayne Newton was part of it.  I got my cellphone out to video it so I could put it on the blog.  I wanted y’all to see it.  The weird thing is neither Phil or Brenda sing and I don’t go to the same church as them anymore.  Wayne sang good though.