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‘Twas The Night Before Easter…

moses.jpgI hope they never stop showing The Ten Commandments on Easter weekend.  The annual showing of this epic gets all my warm, fuzzy yesteryear memories going.  They used to show it on Easter night, but, once Desperate Housewives came along, they couldn’t mess up those Sunday night ratings for Moses, Pharoah and the whole Hee Haw Gang.

I can always remember as a small kid being totally wigged out by the water turning to blood and those things turning into snakes. 

The casting of this movie though, cracks me up.  I can deal with Charlton Heston as Moses and Lily Munster and even the handsome John Derek as Joshua (when his future wife was but a tiny baby), however, I can only see Edward G. Robinson as a gangster even though he’s all decked out in his Pharoah-esque garb.  You expect him to have a cigar hanging out of his mouth.  Then Yul Brynner…I expect him to grab Anne Baxter and start dancing ala The King and I.  Vincent Price….heh….it’s just funny to me and part of what makes America great.

Now, I have get to dye these Easter eggs.  Why do we do this every single year?  It’s the same every year…the kids (now it’s just the Kid because the teens are entirely too cool to engage in such nonsense) harass me to color eggs. I get all of them boiled, mix the color tablets with the vinegar and water and about two eggs into it, they disappear and there sits Mom, dipping those dang eggs.  What that has to do with our Risen Savior, I do not know, but, it’s one of those things we just do around here. 

 It always irritates me cause the purple never comes out right.  Why can’t the brilliant people at Paas get the purple right? The pink ones come out perfect as do the yellow. Those purple ones are a rip off and I forget it every year until I’m dipping. 

Go here to read that fabulous Jew Eat Yet post from 2006 on Ten Commandments viewing.

An Anniversary

tornado-from-jack-anderson.jpg It was  a year ago today that a tornado came through my town and on through the county.  This picture here was taken from the front of #2’s elementary school, a couple miles away.  My other two kids were in the thick of it at their middle school which is about where that funnel cloud was when this picture was taken.  A little too close for comfort. 

9 people in Gallatin died that day. Amy Hawkins, who lives about a mile from me, was paralyzed shielding her small children.  2 children in #2’s class lost their homes.  It was a humbling day.