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Sista Rants

Of late, it’s not unusual to see kids from the ages of about 7 to about 11 wearing those shoes with the wheels on the bottom of them.  I believe they are called “Heelies.” 

I understand kids in this age group.  I understand them very well.  I understand the Manchild’s need to engage in hardcore dancing.  I understand the Drama Queen’s eye rolls and general “eat shit” attitude she gives me the majority of the time.  I understand #2 taking a piece of wood, drawing a face on it, calling it “Plank” and taking him to the movies with him.  I understand chilluns.  Is there any way I can express how aggravated I get when I see a kid in a store, walking along and then they roll a few inches?  No, I can’t express to you how or why that makes my butt want to chew tobacco.  It just does.  I’ll be glad when that fad goes away.

I know you’re saying “What if #2 wants some Heelies?”  He’ll have to ask Mr. Smiff, aka “I’m Just A Dad Who Cain’t Say No.” 

Thanks But No Thanks?

We (me and #2) made the little niece who is almost 2a little Easter basket.  It wasn’t a big deal…a couple little things with a little candy.  It wasn’t obnoxious.  I certainly didn’t spend any money on it. It’s just the Barbara and Tee Wee in me coming out.   Barbara being my mother and Tee Wee being her late sister.  Both were Easter Queens.

Should my feelings be hurt cause her parents took the little toy and hair stuff out and left the basket with the candy in it? 

I would never be so petty and say anything.  I just thought it was a little odd.

Hey You Guuuuuuuuuuuys

Since about Thursday last week, our power at the house will every once in awhile flicker.  Sometimes it will flicker so, the power goes off for a second.  Just enough to have to reset the clocks.

‘Bout midnight last night, it flickered and part of the power in the house went off for about 5 minutes.  Not the whole house just some of it.  Then it came back on.

Anybody out there have any clue what this means?  Does it sound like a problem for the Electric Company or do we need an electrician?