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Oh Seeesta…You Got Some ‘Splainin’ To Do

As I sit here in my stately, brick ranch, circa 1975 style abode, Dancing With The Stars on the teevee, the Manchild serenading us with Sunshine of Your Love, I am pondering something and laughing at something else…both having to do with Mr. Smiff.

I’ve told you about Mr. Smiff’s newly grown goatee.  It’s looking good, however, I’m thinking perhaps the Smiffster Mister should perhaps invest in a little Just For Men and consider a Billy Ray type of trim on the ol’ goat’.  (I must clarify here that I have not now, nor ever had any sort of hawts for Mr. Cyrus.  Say what you will about him, but, I think he seems like a nice feller)billyraycyrus1_e.jpg

I love that style of goatee.  I think if Mr. Smiff trimmed his up that way, it would make me giggle less when I wake up at midnight and find him sitting up in bed, with his drugstore glasses on, sawin’ away on the Soduku.  It also would not remind me that I’m married to somebody closer to 50 than 40, even when he talks about “enjoying” the fruit he had earlier today.  He hasn’t yet started watching “Murder She Wrote” reruns on the A & E, but, I expect that any day now.  Hee.

I don’t know if I should tell the funny story.  I better not.  Let’s just say it had to do with unexpected mail and me having some ‘splainin’ to do.  Any aspiring fiction writers want to try to write the story of Sista’s Splainin?

Oh and remind me to take pictures of the Pornographic Potatoes I ran across this evening.  I think I could get as much publicity as the Nun Bun did with these babies.


I See An Angel Peeking Through A Broken Window Pane…


This ole house once knew my children

This ole house once knew my wife

This ole house was home and comfort

As we lived through storms of life

This ole house once rang with laughter

This ole house heard many shouts

Now she trembles in the darkness, when the lightning walks about

Ain’t gonna need this house no longer

Ain’t gonna need this house no more

Ain’t got time to fix the shingles

Ain’t got time to fix the floor

Ain’t got time to oil the windows

Nor to mend the windowpane

Ain’t gonna need this house no longer

I’m getting ready to meet the Saints

Johnny and June have had a much bigger house for a long time.  I’m glad the Gibbs hadn’t moved in yet and that nobody was hurt.  I hope they’ll build something else there.  We still want the Gibbs in Hendersonville.


Here’s Yer Bluegrass Right Here

If you want to hear the best in Bluegrass music and help raise money for Autism, you can go to the Station Inn tonight and tomorrow.

The lineup is as follows:

April 10- Autism Benefit- Ronnie Bowman & Friends, Grascals, Infamous Stringdusters, Chris Jones & The Nightdrivers
Steeldrivers, Roland White Band, 8:00 pm
April 11- Autism Benefit- Larry Cordle, Carl Jackson, Jerry Salley, Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time, Mark Newton Band, Mashville Brigade, Jerry Salley & Breakin’ New Ground, + special surprise guest, 8:00 pm

All that for $20.  What a bargain.

Meanwhile….At The Salt Mine

I’ll be glad when the day comes that I’m no longer “The New Girl.”  From past experience, you start a job and it takes a couple weeks or so to get your bearings.  Everybody is really nice, but, you’re still “New.”  Then, one day, magically, like it happened long ago with my Schishter, something happens and your real retardness is revealed to new co-workers.  Then, everybody takes off the politeness, like you’re a stranger thing and you’re one of them.  That’s how it works. I’ll be glad when that happens here.

On another work-related note….proper elevator protocol says you wait for the person getting off to get off before you get on, correct?