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Which Golden Girl Am I?

A little confession for you tonight…don’t tell…mmmk?

I wore two different shoes to church tonight.  The shoes are alike, but, different colors.  I went to cross my leg and I had a black shoe on one foot and a brown one on the other.  It made me feel really good about myself.

Just hand me a Marlboro, a cup of coffee  and call me Barbara Jean, will ya?



It’s bad people.  The state of radio in Nashville is bad. So bad I have resorted to 91.1.  I couldn’t take hearing John Mayer sing about how he’s waiting for the world to change one more time.  92.9 plays that song no less than 20 times a day, alternating with “Piano Man.” 

 I only listen to 91.1 on Sunday afternoons to hear my good friend Traci Todd and “George The Bluegrass Show.”  It is painfully clear that what I’m hearing on there this morning…I’m too old for.

Send help quickly.