operation_game_1965_milton-bradley_4545_gallery.jpgAnytime you go into the hospital and/or have to be sent to La La Land while a knife is taken to your person is scary and has some risk.  I myself have gone off to that Special Happy Place three times…when I had a skin graft, a deviated septum straightened out and when I had my wisdom teeth cut out. 

The first time I was facing surgery, I was skeered to death.  I just about had a panic attack at my pre-op appointment.  I was certain I’d be put under and one of those rare cases that mysteriously never woke up and my then little  babies would be left motherless.  

 I near about enjoyed the wisdom teeth extraction and nose surgery because of that wonderful pharmaceutical called Meprogan.  Thems some good drugs right there, boys and girls.  It is no lie that a large part of why I wanted to get that nose surgery done, besides constant sinus infections and miserable membranes, was to get out of work and be able to rest a week.  This was back when I worked for that horrible woman who was hell bent on making your Sista miserable.  I had three young children was working full time and I was tired, by golly.  The surgery was a success and I didn’t have a sinus infection for several years.  I don’t know that I’d do that surgery again though.  I saw them do one of those surgeries on tv.  I also saw them do a skin graft on that old TLC show “The Operation” and I am glad I didn’t see that before my procedure.  Just like taking a cheese grater and slicing skin off.  The worst part of the skin graft is where they harvest the skin from.  That was the most painful part.  Never mind the 150 or so stitches I had in my arm. 

Anyhoo, I say all that to bring up the Mother In Law Smiff’s got a big day tomorrow.  I don’t know how many surgeries she’s had in her life, but, I do know she’s never been opened up like she’s going to be tomorrow.  It’s not a minor thing she’s facing.  Her surgery tomorrow and some pre-existing conditions she has make my skin graft and septum straightening look like wart removal.   Her spirits are high and her humor is good tonight and I’m glad.  I think she’s a little antsy, but, that is allowed and certainly understandable.  Everybody will be relieved when she’s done with the surgery and all recovered.  She’s got lots of neat stuff happening and bidness to tend to.

We are very thankful that she is going to be at the hands of one of the very best gynecologic oncologists in town and getting the very best VIP treatment that anybody could ask for.  She is so blessed to have friends who are making sure she is getting top notch care.  God has tended to every little detail so far and we’re all confident that He’s not going to suddenly go on break anytime tomorrow where she’s concerned or where any of us are concerned.  Having that hope makes facing tomorrow a lot easier for her and the rest of us.  That’s what they mean in that song when they say “I’ve got the peace that passes understanding down in my heart.”  

She (and we) would be so humbled and grateful for any prayers on her behalf.  I’ll let y’all know how things go tomorrow evening.