For you, O Lord have made me glad for what you have done.  I will sing for joy at the works of your hand.  How great are your works O Lord!        Psalm 92

When they finally wheeled Hazel into her room tonight, my brother in law was going down the list of who all was there (all of us weren’t.  Mr. Smiff was working the Opry) and when my brother in law told her I was there, she wanted me to come up to her face and she said “I’m gonna live.”

She came through her House Cleanin’ (Thank you, Grandefille) with flying colors.  The doctor was very pleased and said she couldn’t see any evidence that the tumor had grown beyond what they removed. 

Needless to say, we’re all very thankful.  Thank all of you who prayed for Hazel today.  She will also be grateful, once she comes off her heavy duty pharmaceuticals.  In fact, she asked the nurse “Do I have good drugs?”  She’s got her a pump even.  Whee! 

She’s got some milestones to reach the next few days and will probably have some pain.  I told her they want her to fart really good cause that will mean her system is getting back to normal.   I also told her, when they first wheeled her in, that it was a girl.  She had a momentary look of complete horror, almost like that could be true.  She’s on the floor where the babies are.  For all she knows, at this point that’s true. 

Thank you all again.