The Blogosphere is a’boppin’ this week with different things that I haven’t jumped into.  It’s not cause I’m not interested, but, I don’t have the luxury of blogging all the time now that I’m back in the work world. 

Don Imus-the whole thing is silly.  I’m not a fan of his, (although he is very supportive of country and bluegrass music) but, this political correctness is out of hand.  Al Sharpton running his big, racist mouth about it.  Sick of it.

Ginger, thank you for your sweet post.  I haven’t joined in on who makes me think because every link on my blogroll is bloggers who I enjoy reading and make me think. 

The big thing is Kat Coble’s situation.  It’s well documented out there.  It’s ridiculous and I’m totally behind my friend 100%.  I don’t think she has anything to worry about, really.  I think it shows just how powerful blogging can be or how powerful some people think it is.  

I had an experience some months ago where a subject I wrote about (a celebrity) did not appreciate an observation I had made about them.  She wasn’t threatening about it or anything like that, but, her feelings were hurt.  I felt really, really bad that I had hurt her feelings.  So much so, I couldn’t sleep.  In a way, it made me mad because this is MY blog.  I don’t make one red cent off this thing.  This is an outlet for me.  Truthfully, an outlet that has been a real gift in so many ways for me.  It’s mine. 

At the same time, I don’t want to hurt anybody and hearing from this person made me stop and think before I hit “post.”  So, Kelly, I’m saying here, I am very sorry I hurt you.  Honestly, I was shocked you had read my silly little blog and never dreamed you would.  I’m just a matronly housewife with zero influence on the world.  I just write about what I see out in the world.   Your email has caused me to think twice and thrice about stuff I see regarding the famous. 

I’ve been watching famous people up close and semi-close since before I was born.  From the time I was born, country music folks were talked about at the dinner table.  We imitated certain people and laughed about this or that.  Country music was the family business.  Then, I married into a family that does the same thing.  We talk about country music stuff when we’re together.  It’s just what we do.  On this blog, I am myself.  Famous people are sometimes quirky and funny.  I’ve seen more quirky and funny things about famous people than I can remember.  I love famous people.  I think when you join the Famous People Club, you give up some things that us matronly, normal people have, like being able to go out in public and not worry about how you look or some snarky housewife making a comment about it.  Even so, I am sorry I hurt her.  I’ve sat on this for months not knowing the right way to bring it up and with Kat’s thing, even though it’s different, it seemed the right time.