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Midnight Flyer

Fun little clip from long ago of The Osborne Brothers. Let’s see, there’s young David Crow and his full head of hair, a very thin Uncle Bobo, Mr. Smiff, also sporting a lot more hair that was still brown, the late Gene Wooten and Bobby’s hat. Heh.

Corn, Ducks and Blood Sugar

The Drama Queen has spent the weekend taking part in Disciple Now, a church thing where the kids stay in different homes (like a big slumber party) and do other activities. 

Yesterday, about noon, she calls me and says “Do you have a can of corn?” Say what?  Lots of things she’ll call and ask me, but, asking if I have a can of corn is a new one.  The theme of the Disciple Now is “The Amazing Race” so, appropriately, they were on a scavenger hunt.  I looked in my cabinet and there was a can of corn.  I went outside and waited for them to come by and get it and I kid you not, the vehicle didn’t even stop…the window came down, a hand came out, in went the can of corn and that was that.

I succesfully prepared supper for the middle school girls and like everybody else who eats it…the Peanut Butter Gooey Butter Cake was a smash.  They were also digging Sista’s cheese fries and I made them Sloppy Joes.  It’s a wonder I got it done by 5:30, but, I did (never mind I had goo all over my britches). 

Oh…I went to my friendly, neighborhood Kroger yesterday and I noticed a duck sitting on the grassy area in the middle of the parking lot next to the Cart Catcher.  I didn’t think anything about it because there’s a pond across the street and ducks often end up walking around the parking lot.  Thing was, this duck was sitting there in this tiny little area of grass, betwixt all the cars.  I went up closer to look at it, and dadgum…this was a Mama Duck and some little ducklings.  All the eggs weren’t even hatched yet.  They said there were 13 eggs.  I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.  Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me cause the DQ has it with her and my phone was dead so I couldn’t take pictures of it.  I had the bright idea to call News 2 and tell them to dispatch one of those video journalists out there to get this on film cause this is so human interest. 

Apparently, cause it was such a pretty day, all the Channel 2 VJ’s had taken the day off.  Bill, the news desk guy, said the only camera he had available was at a soldier’s funeral in Tullahoma.  I guess that is a little more newsworthy in the scheme.  I hope Mama Duck is still there today…if she is, I’ll cover it for you.  I’m telling ya, it’s wild! 

As for Hazel-Friday night, I stayed with her and she took an Ambien and slept some kinda good.  She slept through getting her blood pressure taken, which was amazing cause she HATES that cuff.  She looked so good yesterday morning and was the most herself she had been since all this started.  The doctors came by and said they’d let her have some solid food and started talking about home. 

Mr. Smiff was up there all afternoon yesterday and after all this trouble in trying to get her blood sugar down, it was TOO low.  If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

I slept off and on from about  6 yesterday til about 7 this morning.  I woke up long enough last night to listen to Mr. Smiff and them on the Opry.  There’s something REALLY COOL brewing for them that I can’t talk about yet.  As soon as I can, I’ll tell ya.  It’s good stuff.