This whole Alec Baldwin yelling at his kid….lookie here…I don’t usually go around sticking up for Alec Baldwin.  I think he’s a great actor,  and I so love him on 30Rock, but, he’s one of those that makes my ass want to chew tobacco when he gets on his soapbox.  HOWEVER….

This outrage at him yelling at his kid on the phone?  And the problem is….?  Calling her names is not good, but, hello?  Reality calling.  The ones that are so outraged probably only have dogs in their houses and no kids.  

It’s a nice idea to think that we all handle conflict with our offspring in our best Georgette voices….”Ok…honeee….let’s settle deeeown eend talk about this.  What’s bothering you?”

I’d bet the farm that the Baldwin Princess probably could use a good mouth warshing.  I bet she can roll her eyes with the best of them, although I doubt anyone is in the same eye rolling league as my Drama Queen. I am so proud.

Point is….I bet Alec is a good dad.  Those Baldwins are known for their fiery tempers.  Hopefully, he’ll get a handle on it.  I doubt that is going to make little Ireland any more nuts than she would be in the first place.