Now that I’m back working and really making good on my vow to be self disciplined and not get on the internet unless there’s a major 9/11 type disaster (3 days down.  Go Sista), I’ll have to probably do cluster blogging.  I’m amazed at how well I’m doing with that.  Like trying to get off food (which I’m not doing so good with of late) its something akin to withdrawing from crack.

I have a story.  I hope it will come across here half as funny as it was when it was told to me.  This was a story of Rex L. Camino proportions that sounded like something he would tell.  (Is Rex still alive?)

Anyway, I have this new co-worker, Dave.  Dave is hilarious.  Dave started at our office the same day I did.  He and I got taken around and introduced to everybody together.  That day, we had our polite, Hi-how-are yeeeew faces on.  I’m here to tell ya…Going on 4 weeks of sitting next to each other, those masks have come off.  He’s about 6’4, 250, looks like a professional football player…a big ol’ boy.  He’s not one of these people that’s funny in “Hey, look at me” kinda way.  He’s very low key with his humor and he can tell a story just about better than anybody I’ve run across.  I told him he oughta pick up where Jerry Clower left off.  He’s that funny.

I was telling Dave about #2 and his Asperger’s Syndrome.  Dave’s wife is either a physical therapist, no, she’s an Early Intervention specialist, so he knew what AS was.  I mentioned how #2 has a little tic or two and he sometimes makes little noises.

Dave’s in laws, including his wife, all have a funny little characteristic.  When they are excited  or about to tell something great, they’ll rub their hands together really fast and clench their teeth in a anxious kinda smile. You know what I’m talking about?  The whole clan does it.  He has a 22 month old daughter and here a week or so ago, SHE did the tic and he about fell out.  When his father in law tells a joke, he’ll do the hand rubbing, jaw clenching smile and do a little hop with it. 

Well, Dave’s wife has a first cousin, “Dougie” who is a severely autistic, young adult.  When he told me that, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.  Not because the boy is autistic, but, because his name is “Dougie.”  Not Doug, Douglas….but “Dougie.” Could he have a more disability sounding name?  Almost like “Troy” or “Travis.” 

Dougie has made a lot of strides with his autism and knows everything there is to know about vacumn cleaners.  I’m learning a lot about autism of late and I tell ya….most people that have it, from one end of the spectrum to the other, are brilliant and have amazing talents like that.  Remember how Rainman could memorize the phone book? 

But, back to Dougie….he also has the family tic, according to Dave.   When he gets excited, instead of rubbing his hands together in front of his body, he lifts his hands OVER his head and rubs them together. 

I wish I had a video of Dave telling the story so you can see how funny it is. I had big ol’ tears rolling down my face when he told that the other day, I swear.   That’s part of what makes it so funny is Dave telling it.  I might have to video him telling it and blog it.  He went all over that office telling the story of Dougie, causing pants wetting laughter in his wake.

In all seriousness, I’m learning more and more about autism everyday now that the reality is there for #2.  It’s a relief to finally have some answers, but, there is also that thing of “I wish I’d have known this before” so he could have been getting the help he needs all along.  That sort of thinking does not do #2 any good, so luckily, I’m not beating myself over the head with that one. 

I remind myself that I am the one who first picked up on the possibility that #2 might have AS.  Even his degreed out the ying yang ADHD specialist at Vanderbilt didn’t suggest it first.  I brought it up to him.  I’ve done lots of reading this past year on the subject.  I put the pieces together that everything I was reading about Asperger’s described my kid to a t.   This is not to pat me on the back.  I’m just doing my job as #2′ mom.  I’d walk to California and back, barefoot on blacktop to see that this boy gets every opportunity in life.  I’ve always said that he was special because he was the unplanned, surprise kid. 

I met with the Special Ed teacher, the principal, the school psychologist and #2’s teacher today and the ball is rolling for his evaluation and official diagnosis to begin.  It’s really amazing how well he’s done without intervention for Asperger’s all this time.  I think a lot of that goes to the wonderful support he’s gotten from all the teachers he’s had so far (except his kindergarten teacher who totally didn’t get him) and I know without a fact, God has His big hand on my baby boy.  All this is working together to meld him into the wonderful human being he’s becoming.  He blesses everybody he comes in contact with, as I’m sure Dougie does in his life.