Attention ladies and gentlemen…

The DQ is no longer in possession of a farrin object in her eye.  The fabulous and wonderful Dr. Steve Johnson (who has just got hisself some new patients in a couple Smiff Kids) sent her down to Nashville to the equally fabulous and wonderful opthamologist, Dr. Johns and with her nifty gizmos, she numbed the DQ’s eyes right on up, put dye in it and got that little, teeny piece of whatever it was out.  Amazing how something that tiny can cause such problems.   DQ noticed Dr. Johns didn’t get the orange dye all over her eye, making it look like she had drawn on herself with orange magic marker, thus making the other child patrons in the waiting room stare in awe.  I reminded her that Dr. Johns does nothing but eyes whilst Dr. Johnson deals with a little of everything with the various chilluns in his practice. 

Anyway, I’m glad the farrin object is gone.

Hazel continues to improve.  She gave the DQ a necklace today that she said she was going to wait and give her when she dies.  It’s a lovely, gold chain.  The DQ texted me to tell me about getting it.  I texted back that that was very sweet.  She replied “Yeah, it was, but, it would’ve been a whole lot sweeter had she not had a towel on when she gave it to me.”  Heh. She is so her mother’s daughter.