I’m at lunch, Stacy Campfield, so there.

I’m tickled to report that I figured out where to get my shot record and official GED test scores.  Yay.  Incase it ever comes up, go to who gave you your shots.  I called good ol’ Dr. Lentz’s office (he retired last year) and they’re looking for them and the nice feller at the Adult Education place told me where to fax my request so there.  Wasn’t so complicated after all.

Why do I want this stuff is the burning question?  I’m trying to get me some more edjumakayshan.  The fine folks at Vol State want to make sure I don’t have cooties before I commence to some book learnin.  Obviously, I don’t have smallpox or nothing.  I’m still walking around.  

I told the lady on the phone at the old doctor’s office that I know for a fact I had shots cause they always had to hold me and Gastrica both down to stick us.  It was the blood taking out of the finger that was the worst.  They’ve come a long way with that, but, remember how that mo fo used to hurt???

Gastrica and me did not like the doctor, not one bit.  One time, she jumped in the back of the station wagon, as the folks pulled into Dr. Dubisson’s office, trying to escape (like where was she going to go, out the back window?) and she cut her leg  up bad.  I think she still has the scar. 

To this day, anytime I drive in Green Hills back there behind where Cain Sloan used to be and get close to that old office, I get butterflies in my stomach.  That is no lie.  Thank goodness the practice moved across the street.  Maybe I won’t be so skeered when I go pick up my stuff.