True story…my Newscoma-like boss told me this today.

I was talking about Niece Smiff, who will be 2 years old this weekend and how she’s at that age of putting everything in her mouth. 

My funny, funny  boss then proceeds to tell me a funny story on herself.  When she was a baby, not yet walking, but, in the crawling stage, she started to stink.  Anytime her mother took her anywhere, she was mortified cause her baby had such a stank on her.  She could not figure out from whence this stank came. 

Finally, she took her Stank Baby to the doctor.  The doctor checker all of the child’s orofices.  He looked up her nose and said “A ha…This is the problem here”.  With that, he pulled out a bean that Stank Baby had stuck up her nose.  That ain’t all, boys and girls. 

The bean had sprouted.   Yes, I was wishing I had my Depends on for that one. 

I told Mr. Smiff this story and he recollected the time he was returning home from the Opry to find me hysterical cause the Toddler Manchild had stuck a Lego up his nose. 

Now, I am not saying my Baby’s Diddy is lying, but, I have an exceptional memory and I don’t remember that one.  Maybe it was so traumatic, I blocked it out? 

I DO remember the time the DQ drank bleach.  FYI, bleach is not toxic, but, rather an irritant…just incase that ever comes up in your household.