danielboone.jpgGood land, I just noticed I hadn’t blogged since Wednesday!  What is becoming of me? 

From the “So THAT’S what’s wrong with my kids!” department-Mr. Smiff descends from the Boones.  His mother was a Boone and cause everybody who has that last name claims to be kin to Daniel and cause they are, I’ve always known I married into some sort of relation to that great….great….what DID Daniel Boone do anyway?  He had a tv show, right? 

Anyway, come to find out your very own Sista can claim her own kinship to that great Coon Skin Cap Wearin’ One…no, wait…that was Davy Crockett. 

As I was saying, I found out yesterday, through the geneaology diggin’ of my cousin in law Barbara, that we too come, not only from a brother of Daniel Boone (everybody sing it with me, Daniel…Daniel Boone…king of the wild….oh geez), but, the VERY SAME brother that Mr. Smiffs’ Boones begat.  How bout that?

I don’t have the so and so begat line from my in law Boones, however, you are in luck and I have my own degree of separation line to Big Dan the Man…goes sumpin like this…

There was a Squire and Sarah Boone (betchya they called her “Say-ruh”) and besides Danny,they had a boy named Jonathan who married a sweet gal named Nancy Carter…

Big J and Miz Nancy had them what was surely a beautiful daughter named Susannah who married a good ol boy by the name of  Samuel Keller.

Sammy and Susie had them a darling daughter named Sarah (again, betchya it was Sayruh) and she married a feller by the name of William Sullivan.

William Sullivan had a son named Warden Sullivan.  (I don’t know either of thems wifes names, but, I assume there were wives)

Warden Sullivan had a son named Thomas (whom the townspeople called “Caw-nah” cause he was a COR-O-NER.  This was the same man who found himself on top of the roof AND intoxicated and couldn’t figure out how to get down so he did the only reasonable thing and SAWED himself off!)

Thomas had a wife named Eugenia and they had a boy named Henry Warden Sullivan and he was my Paw Paw.  Henry married Rosena and they had a house plumb full of chilluns, the last, being my mammy, Bobbie.

Then, we all know the story of Biff and Barbara hooking up on a street corner in Long Beach, CA, thus giving the world a Sista.

Whew.  So that, my friends, is how I’m kin to Daniel Boone.  Now, Hazel has a brother named Daniel Boone and a nephew with that same name.  Those two are karack-ters with a capital “K”!

Speaking of Hazel, look for a blog by her in the very near future.  She’s coming along.  Keep her in your prayers.