Mr. Smiff and Them played that big ol’ Stagecoach Festival out in Indio, CA on the weekend.  This was probably the most glamorous gig they’ll play all year.  They shared the bill with the likes of Willie Nelson, George Strait, Kenny Chesney and they stayed in the hotel that hosts the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament.  Life’s tough for some dudes called Grascals. 

That ain’t all…they hung with their favorite photographer, who was shooting some pictures of them, the legendary Henry Diltz, and he came home raving about some Brazilian steakhouse.  I never heard of such a thing, but, I’d bet the farm Uncle Cee knows all about it.

Mr. S said it’s so wild to be in the company of Mr. Diltz cause he’ll just be talking and will say “That time I was photographing McCartney.”  This is a guy whose taken some very famous photos and very famous album covers.  And now he can add Mr. Smiff to his gallery.  He’s actually photographed them before.  I think he’s amused by bluegrass guys passing gas or something.

I wasn’t exactly in the mood to hear how tired and worn out he was after this little jaunt, y’know.  Whilst he was strolling along the fancy schmancy golf course, I was doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom and telling the kids to quit yelling at #2 cause he’s going to have a complex and making an emergency trip to Dollar General cause the broom broke.