Have y’all thought I had run away?  I haven’t.  Just have been cursed with the Twitter-bug.  I have missed being able to keep up with all my favorite bloggers around the clock, but, at the same time, it’s kinda neat to read one I haven’t read in awhile and catch up on all that’s happening and then, like just now, be unexpectedly inspired.

I hadn’t read Atomic Tumor in a good while and I popped in over there and saw this.  I can’t tell you what a charge I got seeing that his beloved GAC received her diploma for her Associate of Science degree posthumously. What a treasure for AT and their young sons to have as a reminder of the hard work she put in, while balancing all the things moms have to balance. 

It is yet another thing that tells me I have no excuse to not get on it and start my own schooling.  I’ve told y’all about trying to get my shot records and GED scores lined up so I can hopefully get started at Vol State this fall or shortly thereafter and start in on my prerequisite courses.  What I am aiming for is to get my own Associate of Science Degree in Nursing and then be able to take the state boards for the RN license.  At first, I thought I’d try for the LPN, but, my friend, Busy Mom said if I was serious about it, I should go for the degree that would lead to the RN.  That’s where the good jobs are.  Busy Mom should know cause she are an RN.

I’m so used to thinking that I’m not smart enough and remember the times I said I wanted to get into nursing and being reminded how much math is involved and that I’m not good at math.  I never knew I was not good at math, I was sorta told that and accepted it as truth.  Afterall, I quit high school my senior year because I thought I figured since I didn’t seem capable of learning (at the time) and school bored me, I was not meant to get any sort of higher education. 

I’ll never forget the day I went into Bob Lawson’s office (he was then the Vice Principal at Franklin High School, now at Hillsboro HS, I think) and told him I was considering leaving.  Dude pretty much encouraged me to and sorta affirmed I was a lost cause, educationally, because “everyone is not meant to go to college.”  Thanks a heap, Bob.  Eh…I was pretty determined that was the thing to do and I’m sure he knew that nothing he could say would keep me there.  I remember when I had to go to each teacher and have them sign off on me, the wonderful P. Wayne Simpson, band director extraordinaire was crushed.  He looked at me and said “Are you pregnant?”  I remember having the split second thought of maybe he thought there was something that was being lost in me leaving school, but, that thought was pretty short lived.

I’ll tell the whole tale of how long I’ve been interested in nursing later in another post, but, it’s been there since I was about 11.  Twice, I came THIS close to doing LPN training.  I almost went and took an entrance test for LPN training when my two oldest kids were little bitty, but, I talked myself out of it.  I had the self confidence of a bottlecap in those days.  I figured I couldn’t do the math and then the part about puke entered.  Come to find out, lots of nurses think they’ll have issues with puke and poopie and stuff. 

To say I’m incapable of learning math, biology or any other subject is absurd.  I know that now.  I didn’t know that in 1986.  I know it will be hard, but, heck, I’ve been a full time, working mother of three with a husband that is gone 85% of the time for many years.  I’ve given birth to a nearly 10 lb baby without drugs (I don’t recommend that).    Part of me wants to do it so I can go find some of those teachers who told me I was doomed to be a failure in life and go neener neener neener, but, really, that’s all moot.  I think ol’ B. Nelson, the Economics teacher who REALLY enjoyed reminding me I was a loser, has done gone to that great high school in the sky.  Can’t prove a thing to him anyway, and I don’t need to.  The part about the math is not true.  I was shown how to do some kindly hard algebraic stuff a couple weeks back and it clicked.  I CAN do that, regardless of what my mother (ever the pessimist with the glass totally empty) thinks or says.  I’m so glad I finally learned her warnings of doom and gloom ain’t necessarily so.  Wish I’d have come to that conclusion when I could say I was in my 20’s and not be lying, but, that’s moot, too.

I don’t really need to prove anything.  It’s something I want to do for me…for my family, and mostly for God because He’s the one who has been calling me to do this since I was a kid.  I know it’s a calling cause the tug has never gone away and has always come back up.  Not to mention me losing my job where I was for ten years and being put smack dab in the middle of a ton of nurses and working directly with two RN’s. 

So, anybody else that’s an RN that has words of wisdom…let er’ fly.  Busy Mom has already been invaluable about choices of nursing schools.  I really want Aquinas. 

Take that, B. Nelson and Mrs. Satterfield and those other heinous teachers I hated.