The Drama Queen wanted to go to the ballpark again this evening.  I asked her if there was a new feller up there.  Oh no, she said.  I knew she was lying.

We’re in the car on the way to the ballfield.  Her phone rings and the voice I can hear through the phone wasn’t a giggly girl but the boyly “Kyle.”  It was surreal listening to my kid talk to a boy on the phone.   He was out with his family and he was telling her when to call him and I said (not to where he could hear, of course) “You tell HIM to call YOU.”  To my huge surprise, she repeated what I said to him. (Yes!)

Agggghhhhhhh…I’m turning into my mother.  Cept my mother did not like the idea of either of us dating or nothing.  I’m not talking when we were 13, but, when we were older.  I guess she knew we were going to want to have sex or something and that made her nervous.  I soon learned having sex was not that big of a deal and I did not turn into a nymphomaniac.  She was plumb evil to my old boyfriend and to the Engineering Brother in Law.  We never figured that out.  By the time she had stopped being evil to my old boyfriend, he up and impregnated some other girl.  She got over her evil-ness at the Brother In Law.  That Barb is a funny gal. 

I’ve taken the route that instead of acting like there is something innardly wrong with my daughter (and adding to the already present inner low self esteem 13 year old girls have), who I think is right cute and has become Little Miss Popular at her school of late, I need to perhaps tell her the few things I know about the opposite sex and help her along as she learns what to look for in a guy…what’s acceptable treatment and what isn’t. 

Still, it was weird hearing her talk to a boy, sounding like I’ve never heard her sound before.  Not the feeling like I want to cry or nothing, but, more that this is my beautiful, articulate, intelligent girl who is blossoming into a young woman more and more everyday.