Y’all, I saw this post and it made me think of something.

I used to work for a Christian publisher who is also known for it’s Bookstore Bidness.  Ok, it was Lifeway…there.  What can they do to me now?  Fire me? (I got my grill by the way)

Now, I worked, at one time, in the division of Lifeway that operated the bookstores.  They get some pretty freaky stuff in that people hope to get put in the da Lifeways stores.  The best thing I ever saw (when I say “best” I mean the craziest, nuttiest, freakiest) was a Jesus doll.  Any child would’ve screamed in terror had they been given this doll as a gift.  It was horrible. 

 This Jesus doll was a cheapo, plastic Wal Mart doll that somebody had attached a rather horrendous beard and long hair thing to this doll, trying to make it look like Jesus.  Jesus had on a white, felt robe and had a heart in the middle of it and when you pushed it, it played…..can you guess?  Jesus Loves Me?  No.  Jesus Loves the Little Children?  No.  Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam?  No, you silly people.  It played every song one thinks of when we think of our Lord and Savior…

If you guessed “You Are My Sunshine” then you win the Jesus doll!

I actually had said Jesus doll in my possession cause when I left this one position I had, my boss Mike gave that to me as a parting gift and a disposable urine testing kit.  It seems though that I passed the Jesus doll onto someone else as a parting gift.  That was a dumb thing to do.