Yesterday the Rebel Without A Clue or the Manchild, whichever name for him you prefer, said “Mom, would you take me to Target?”  I thought for a second maybe he wanted to get me a card or something for Mother’s Day.  How silly of me.  He wanted to buy a cd.  He was specifically looking for Nirvana, but, they didn’t have it.  He settled for the Beatles Revolver.  I’m glad he’s discovering the Beatles though, fer sher.

I told him on the way up there that I’d bet 80% of the people in the Target store were shopping for their mammys.  We pulled into the parking spot and next to us, this youngish looking guy was getting back into his fancy schmancy convertible.  I asked him “Did YOU get your mother something for Mother’s Day?”  The guy said “I sure did!”  I turned to the RWAC and said “See?” 

So, this morning, #2 or Tick Boy presents me with a book he made at school called “My Mom.”  He even drew a picture of me on the cover.  The book has his take on what I am and what I like.  Some excerpts:

“My mom’s favorite food is…..Nutri System”.   HAHAHAHAHA….bless his little heart.

“My mother spends most of her time…..working”  At least he didn’t say blogging.  He even drew a picture of my building.

“What I Know About My Mother….She is 50 inches tall, she weighs 59 pounds and she has hazel eyes.”  The only one correct in that is the color of my eyes.  59 pounds.  Heh. Oh and once again, he mentions my favorite food is Nutri System.  Maybe he’s trying to tell me something.

Then, the part called “My Marvelous Mom”…

If my mom were a flower, she’d be a sunflower because she is so grate (sic) to me.

If my mom were a superhero, she’d be Spiderman because she has great power and great resposebilietes.

This is my favorite….If my mom were a color, she would be a rainbow because she is so colorful.  (Ain’t no flies on Tick Boy is there?)