When Dirty Dancing  came out in 1987, I didn’t see it.  I guess I was too busy with my gig at the Hall of Fame or perhaps I was having the time of my life, but, I didn’t see the beginning of the movie til yesterday on On Demand. o the whole premise of the movie is Cynthia Rhodes getting pregnant, Baby getting the money for the abortion and dirty dancing with Patrick Swayze and the dad didn’t like him cause he thought he was the Baby Daddy? 

I think back to that era and trying to figure out why I didn’t see that movie.  I saw lots of movies during that era.  Somehow I missed Dirty Dancing.

Thing is though, whenever I hear that song “I Had The Time of My Life”, it makes me think of the night I was “deflowered” if you will.  The video for that song came on the tv afterwards and the guy who did the honors started singing along with it, imitating Bill Medley.  

Mr. Smiff hates that song cause the harmony isn’t right.  I think they’re both singing the same part, just in different octaves.  Drives him nuts.