How do Whiffers…

Remember that electric problem we had a month or so ago?  Since life had sorta taken over, we had still not dealt with the issue.  We had gotten to where we had not had as big of a problem and I was thinking maybe Kathy T. was right and it was a grid issue. 

Turns out, it was a CEMC problem. The wiring from the meter, going into our circuit box was messed up.  Thanks to #1 Smiff Nephew, Adam and his electrician apprentice friend, James, and James’ boss, the matter has been settled.  Mr. Smiff called the CEMC people and they came by and fixed it today.  Thank goodness. 

Now, I can get all my clocks set to where they’re supposed to be.  I was about convinced that was why the power was going off…I’d get all the clocks set and then the power would go.  (One of the few things I’m really anal about is clocks all being right and in sync with each other).

Two more days of school and the Smiff Kids are out for the summer.  I’ll probably get to blog even less then! Just think, I have a whole summer full of eye rolls to look forward to and even MORE Black Sabbath tunes on the electric guitar.  Whee!

I went to an information thing for a nursing school the other day.  I really want to go to this school.  I mean, really, really.  I hope they can overlook the fact that I had a score of 12 in Math and let me take a refresher.  I did good in everything else.  You’re supposed to have an average of 50  on the GED in order to get in.  Just a wee bit off there, but, I should be able to make that up since I’m so much more mature and life experienced?  Never mind I haven’t been able to help my kids with math since they were in Kindergarten.

And as far as Paula Abdul goes, I have every belief she broke her nose by trying to avoid tripping on the dog.  No, really, I do. 

I am pulling for Laila Ali on DWTS tonight and don’t give a whole lot of nothing for who wins American Idol, but, I DO want to watch and see Paula babble about her nose.