I will probably get all kinds of hits from pervs with that title.  Go away, slimeballs.  This is not a post for sickos.

A true story:

Last weekend, Mr. Smiff and Them had the opportunity to play in Burlington, NC to Mr. Smiff’s hometown crowd.  It was a big deal for all the Smiffs and Boones out in that area. 

The guys were on the bus, getting ready when one of the guys, doing as guys do, said “Hey y’all…look at these!”  These, being some attractive women walking towards the bus.  “I think it’s a mom and daughter!”  So Mr. Smiff comes to look and he couldn’t see too well at first (Mr. Magoo) but he agreed that yes, some nice looking females.  On closer inspection, he realized that it was his cousin Debbie, her daughter and her niece.  He instructed the band members to steer clear of his kin.

I tell that story to preface this next one….Sister Gastrica, the Baroness of all Things Bariatric, who lives in Knoxville, had gastric bypass surgery some months ago.  She has lost more than 100 lbs.  This is what she looked like the week before her grand opening:


This is what she looks like as of the other day:


I think she’s gonna take the Hoochie Mama route.  She should, don’t you think?  The Engineering Brother in Law has dropped some pounds himself.  Mr. Smiff has found them.  He’s at an all time weight fluctuating between 169-170 at 6’4.  Woo!

I do want to add that Gastrica’s choice to undergo the Gastric Bypass was not, by any means, an “easy” way to lose weight.  Her description of the recovery period immediately after was quite painful.  She’s had two C-sections and said this was way worse than that.  Still, I think it’s been worth it. She looks great, doesn’t she?