I watched Chris Clark sign off of NewsChannel5 last night a few times and just boo hooed like I was losing a good friend.  You think about it, the news guys and girls come into your homes every night (sorry for the cliche, but, it’s true).  Chris started at Channel 5 in 1966.  The Collie’s moved to Nashville in 1969.  My whole life has been Chris Clark and Dan Miller (except for the lost weekend Dan took). 

I used to wait on Chris long ago in my “Grocery Store Career.”  Very warm and personable and like somebody that would be your next door neighbor. 

I said this on Nashville Is Talking over the weekend and it bears repeating: Chris Clark is a hottie.  Television does not do him justice.  I’ll never forget a few years ago when Hazel was going to be on his show on News Channel 5+, I told her how gorgeous Chris is in person and I don’t think she believed me.  Then, she got on camera and told him how “purty” he was.  He really is.

I want to know though….where was Ruth Ann Leach in all the goodbye saying?  Oprah showed up.  Where was Ruth Ann?!?!?