sons_of_hollywood_1.jpgDo you ever watch Sons of Hollywood on A & E?  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a reality show that follows Randy Spelling, son of Aaron, Sean Stewart, son of Rod, and David Weintraub, who I thought was the son of Jerry, but, isn’t. I would think he’s related to him, but, can’t figure out if he’s a nephew or what.   I’m not sure who he’s the son of.  Anyway, the show follows these guys who are trying to get acting and singing careers going with David as their agent.

Sean Stewart is a drug addicted, wanna be singer…son of Rod and Alana.  On one episode, Sean’s mother and some other family members went to eat and he talked absolutely horrible to his mother.  Talked to her like she was scum.  She just acted like it was nothing.  His roomates even commented on how terrible he talks to her.   It’s disturbing, really.  Even so, Sean has potential to be a decent human being.  He’s very funny and he sings ok.  He does whine a bit cause Daddy doesn’t seem to think he has what it takes to make it.  It probably has nothing to do with talent, why he thinks that.  It’s probably cause his boy is so immature. 

David Weintraub needs to come to my house and pull weeds and clean out the litter box.  The term “pompous ass” comes to mind.  He’s almost like a caricature of the stereotypical Hollywood agent.  You know, the kind that calls everybody “baby”. 

I was not expecting to like Randy Spelling as much as I do.  He seems almost normal in spite of the fact he has Tori for a sister.  He’s trying to be an actor and it’s kinda nice to see that just cause his last name is Spelling, it hasn’t been handed to him and he’s having to work for it.

Shows like this are like a car wreck.  The subjects make me want to hurl, but, I can’t stop watching!  They show back episodes on OnDemand if you want to join me in this madness.