grascalspromoclr.jpgOne of the questions I hear most in regards to Mr. Smiff is “Does he ever play around here?”  It’s fairly rare that he and them play around here, especially in the summer months, but, there are a few opportunities to see the IBMA Entertainers of the Year, (and Blogging Husband, Extraordinaire)…they will be at the CMA Music Festival  (exactly which stage, I do not know) then, they will be at the World Famous Station Inn on June 30 and then, they will be at the Ryman Auditorium for Bluegrass Night at the Ryman on July 26. 

Yes, yes,  I can’t be objectional when it comes to The Grascals being I sleep with one of them regularly, but, apparently others (the Grammy people, IBMA, etc) think they’re pretty swell, too.  I can guarantee if you go to one of their shows, you will be most entertained.

Please go to one of these shows.  I have a $1025.00 cellphone bill and those T-Mobile people want their money.  Oh, we have unlimited texting and all this and that.  One of the Smiff Teens (I’m not naming names) went a little over their minutes and will spending the next few days weeding and doing other yard work to work off his their balance they owe on said cellphone.  Part of that large sum is a phone that was broken and we were supposed to send back and haven’t yet.  Still, his charges were over $100. 

And do you not dig the new Grascal photo taken by the most awesome and legendary Henry Diltz?