Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette

This stuff about this smoking ban in Tennessee made me laugh.  I got pretty tickled at that legislator (don’t know his name) who was fussing about “What minority are we gonna pick on next…fat people?  Then, are we gonna tax country ham and cookies?”  Heh.  Good one.

Thing about smokers being “minorities” though is a bit of the warsh of the hog, if you catch my drift.

I am not against smokers.  I was one for a long time. (For the record, I have not been a smoker since August 15, 2006, and Mr. Smiff stopped around October 1) I just don’t think smokers are in the minority.  Why?  Because every morning on, when I’m on my way to work, nearly every car I see contains someone smoking.  I think lots of people sneak cigarrettes. I think lots of people tell their family they’ve quit but they’re still at it.

My closest friend when I was a little girl…her daddy claimed to have quit smoking to his family.  However, because we lived right behind them, I’d see him go outside at night and go to town.  I think this is what all these other people I see on Vietnam Veterans Bypass and I-65 do too.

Even where I used to work, very few would go outside and smoke during breaks, but, I saw many a person light up, in their car leaving work…people nobody knew smoked. 

Gosh, everybody used to smoke.  I can remember as a kid, going into Sunday School every Sunday morning, there would be a crowd of men standing not far from the door smoking.  This was a Baptist church, too.  I think the Baptists are still smoking (and everybody else) they’re just sneaking around to indulge.

I hope I don’t ever start again.  It’s too expensive and I had already started hearing myself make that little sound that smokers make when they laugh…I’ve heard it come out of my mother, Paula Deen has it and I was beginning to sound like Lucille Ball in the mornings.  How did I quit?  I had scary bronchitis and couldn’t breathe.  I had visions of me hauling an oxygen tank around and decided it wasn’t becoming.  I don’t miss it.  Mr. Smiff does though.

Classic clip here with the hilarious and curmudgeonly Grandpa Jones and the late Billy Walker.