I have never been to a Public Hearing or a City Council meeting.  Occasionally, I watch them on Channel 3 and usually, it’s the same boneheads who no doubt drive the Hendersonville Alderpeople nuts.  They gripe about this and that and it seems to be a hobby for them. 

I live in a subdivision in a part of Hendersonville that is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth.  The neighborhood was built between 1975-1978.  The houses are your typical, brick, ranch style homes.  They aren’t big, but, this is really a great neighborhood.  One of the greatest things about it is how close it is to the Bypass. 

We’ve lived here almost 11 years.  In that time, we’ve had a virtual retail wonderland pop up in the last few years.  The Target parking lot is exactly one mile from my driveway.  I love having Target and Kohls out my door.  We live in the most desirable school district in the county.  I still don’t know how we got in the Jack Anderson/Station Camp zone because the Beech schools are closer, but, we are. 

The next exit up is Indian Lake Blvd and there’s so much stuff going up over there, it’s frightening….restaurants out the ying yang, they’re building a ginormous movie theater complex, Barnes & Noble, Cracker Barrel, places like that are on their way to the ‘hood, which is great.

Another lovely thing about our neighborhood is there is no outlet.  You’ve got one way in and one way out.  Apparently, that is going to change soon because a farm that sits at the back of the subdivision has been rezoned.  They are wanting to build 1050 homes on less than 47 acres and they’re wanting to open the back of the neighborhood up which could mean more than 2000 to 6000 vehicles coming back in forth in front of the Casa de Smiff.  I’m not  thinking I like this.

If it would up the value on my house more (which all this other stuff going on has) fine.  We hope to get a bigger Casa in the next couple years although even as jammed like sardines as we are in this house, our kids do not like the idea of moving.  Go figya. 

There’s a Public Hearing next week and I’m thinking perhaps I’ll have to show up for this and even have a chat with my Alder-gal and friend, Darlene Stringfellow, about it.  I like my neighborhood.  I love that my next door neighbor used to hunt on this land before it was a subdivision and was one of the first residents here.  To me, this neighborhood is one of Hendersonville’s best-kept-secrets.  When they open that road up, it will not be so secret anymore and we’ll live on a busy street.  I don’t want to live on a busy street.

Your Sista is going to get political yet. They don’t want me stepping up to the mic though cause when I do let loose and say what I think, it’s usually not nice and I end up being embarrassed.  That’s why I don’t speak up or out often.