The Drama Queen went to see the Pirates of the Caribbean movie last night.  (The Boom has not been dropped yet.  Waiting for the Mr. to return.)  I texted her and she said the movie was “looooong” and that it didn’t interest her.  She is so her mother’s child.

I was telling her about the Dolly documentary and she said that last night at the movie, there was a woman there who was obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean.  She was dressed in Pirate clothes even.  Before the movie started, the DQ and her friends were giggling and the PC Weirdo told them to hush.  The movie had not started yet, right?  I told the DQ they shoulda given her the line Greg Kinnear gave in “You’ve Got Mail” when he said “A hot dog is dancing!”

Anyway, the PC Weirdo got up and moved.  There were some other giggly kids (imagine that…Saturday night at the movies) and this nut gets up, marches out and gets the theater people.  The theater people told the kids that they had to be quiet. 

I understand people not liking other people talking and interrupting in a movie, but, when you’re in a theater full of kids and you tell on them, you are so asking for more. They started up again and the PC Weirdo told them to shut up.  It went on and on.  This sounded more entertaining than the movie to me.

The DQ called me crying Friday saying she cut her foot on the trampoline safety poles (that have been laying in the yard since March, but, who’s counting?) “Please come home.”  So, I told my boss we had an injury.  She told me to go.  Of course, it’s not worthy of me having to leave work.  DQ was insistent we go to the doctor.  The only thing I was concerned about is that she probably needed a tetanus shot is the only reason I took her.  I know that doctor probably thought I have that Munchausen by proxy thing and probably thought I was a total nut. I mean, she had a nice little cut and all, but, it was not worth me leaving work two hours early.  At the rate I’m going, I will never have a sick day for me.