Darryl Worley…hon’….I’m sure you are a nice guy.  Your singing is passable, although you don’t sound any different than that other feller named Daryl. That “Have You Forgotten Song” was ok.   I also get you mixed up with that Blake Shelton guy.   I’m guessing part of the motivation for feeling the need to brag about the “sexual element” you’re adding to your show and this can’t hep yourself thing about showing the world your junk is that there’s not much about you that stands out.  It’s just all kinds of wrong.  Stop it.  Right now.  Ewwww and ewwww.

You saw this coming….this reminds me sorta kinda of a story.   Gather ’round, kids.

One time, about 1979, the family took our one and only beach trip to Ft. Walton Beach, FL.  Fun times for sure.  One of the standout things I remember about that trip was that was the first time I’d seen a picture of a nekkid man.  You know who it was?  Gregory Harrison.  He was on “Trapper John, MD.”   I was grossed out.  (Remember, I was 10 and Baptist).  I imagine some innocent, sheltered, little girl will open up a Playgirl magazine at Alvins Island and get the same gag-a-maggot reaction as I did.

Incase you’re wondering what the other stand-out memory from that trip…it was that Wolfman Jack was staying in the same motel as we were.  He was doing some show down there or something.  He had a room on the main floor, by the pool.  My dad pointed out the Wolfman taking a snooze on the bed, with the curtains open.  I think the Wolfman was doing that on purpose.  That was also not a pretty sight, as I recall.

And it never fails, anytime I see that Gregory Harrison in a Lifetime movie (see, Playgirl doesn’t take you places, career-wise) I think “That’s the first nekkid feller I ever saw.” 

If it were Dierks Bentley disrobing, ok, yeah, that’s something people would be interested in.  Heck, even Porter Wagoner (who is allegedly legendary for something besides the Carroll County Accident, if’n you know what I mean) is somebody I might chunk down some change to see in the Playgirl….if I were into buying boyly magazines like that.